Future Worlds Created at FabNewport will be on display

Providence-based poet Kate Schapira and artist Adeline Mitchell co-lead a workshop at FabNewport on Sunday, June 5th that combined reflective writing and terrarium making. Interwoven throughout the workshop were short expository writing exercises that asked the group to free style and reflect on what we want to honor and memorialize in the present for future generations. Prompts included asking participants what we may mourn the loss of in the future (due to life cycle, neglect, extinction, overuse, etc.) and how we keep things alive. Participants then went on a scavenger hunt to incorporate found or discarded items (in many cases trash/ litter) into their terrarium worlds that also included ants, seedlings, plants and other cherished objects.  At the end of the workshop, the group convened to share out about their creations. This workshop will be repeated with students and teachers at Rogers High School later in the week, and it has already inspired one of its participants to start a new creative writing group focused solely on future scenarios! The terraria created during the workshops will be on display at the installation of the future Mayor’s Office, 2061 at the former Coffey’s gas station, 48 Touro St., Newport, RI. The public launch of the installation is Saturday, June 18th from 6-8pm. The installation will also be viewable to the public on Sunday, June 19th from 2-6pm. Come by to contribute your ideas to the future city of Newport!