JOIN US: Talk with Tom Scheinfeldt

On Tuesday, June 9, visiting catalyst Tom Scheinfledt, PhD, will give a public talk at Ochre Court Library at Salve Regina University. Tom will explore how a “collaboration first” approach can accelerate new ways of thinking and impact the design and production of scholarly work.

Collaboration First: Do scholars collaborate too late?

Tuesday, June 9
Ochre Court Library at Salve Regina University
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Most often collaboration happens fairly late in a scholar’s research and publication process, after they have completed the bulk of their research and well after the initial idea for the project. What would the work of the humanities look like if collaboration were moved upstream in the research and publication workflow, to the very headwaters of inquiry, imagination, and project conception? What new contributions could we make if we came together with designers, developers, editors, and librarians to start new projects, not merely to finish them? This talk will imagine the possibilities of such a “collaboration first” approach for the creation and dissemination of humanistic knowledge both globally and in the local context of Newport’s rich cultural heritage resources.