On Monday, June 20th visiting catalyst Jake Dunagan, PhD, delivered his lecture The Future as Cognitive Prosthetic to a full house at Rosecliff Mansion. During the lecture, Jake asked the audience to craft haikus at two different intervals as a means to creatively express our thoughts about the future twenty-years from now– the first prompt focused on the personal, the second prompt focused on the community. Posted below are the haikus that were generated from audience participants.

Haikus: Personal

If I look ahead now,
In twenty years will I say
I told you so?

Problems of energy are solved
the climate continues to challenge
cities are our refugeWork with hand and eye
Generate new images
But tools every changing

My wife in one hand
as my kids pay all the bills
in the other my wrench

Hard work, hand hewn, toil in the sun
All so fluid now

The State ACI
Has a marble lunch room
No inmates

At ninety, wrinkly
cocktails, music, gardens, you
still smelling roses

Still dancing – hopefully
classical ballet will not change –

grasping the nettle
of new realities with
a cognitive force

Seeing my grandchildren
reimagine the dreams that
my garden teaches

In my little house
With luck my mind is still mine,
Awake to the world.

I will mostly be dead
my corpse will
contain many valuable metals

Nine decades plus two
all anew
body almost gone

When I think I will
be transported to that time
It goes without saying

Always a nomad
chasing history not mine,
rental full of cats

Now work is over
New horizons are dimming
Edith has passed on

Age will matter less.
Mindspan will be far greater.
Hope I will be here.

An image, my mind
screens of thought

When I’m seventy-eight
Kalakuku’a views
dolphins spiral the point

72 and Healthy
City adapts to change
I still row to work

Moving along
on life’s crazy journey
reaching out for fun

Multiplying and moving
it’s very different

I will be happy
in love with my life today
for I will soon die

I consider life
so precious, that I will act
now for tomorrow

go for a walk
intersect in the sunshine
my life is goodness

Self driving carpool
makes the commute to Newport
a pleasure boat cruise

Sixty, feeling light.
Batteries charging always
Sixty years to go.

Sea levels rising,
Worries no action worries,
Hurricanes hit hard.

Solar car ride
to play in my tennis match
with digital scoring.

When I am ninety
My painting will keep me young
Creating is love.

Alert, dynamic.
Stronger than my friends will be.
In shape. Starting now.

Eighty-five, still alive
My books will have had new looks
Newport history will thrive.

When ninety-seven
years of earth time be
making heaven now

the world is round
sky turns red haze purple
trees look brown not green

Newport, Charlotte both
Practice unplanned every day
– Do Good. Have Fun. Sleep.

When I am forty-six
children, career, home
someplace that I love

In my wildest dreams
An image of the past age
Will become reality

Sitting in the sun –
Flowers floating around my head
Energy sublime –

Grandchildren create
imagination so strong
Hope I get their song

Dreaming, flying, zen
Dirty water and robot men
Smoky sun, electric moon.

Floating, drifting mist
Waves occupy reality
Eyes open jaws dropped
My life

In that future time
the Desert will afford me
solace from this Hell

drones, red-winged black birds
negotiating space in
meadows, deliver.

The cars been long gone.
Our house no more on the hill.
Clear close ocean views.

Now it’s dark at night.
The ocean is much closer
and the car is gone.

Winter’s not too cold.
We rent our rooms to strangers.
They get here by boat.

I am old fashioned,
I still use a computer
and conversation.

Sold my old cell phone
to a curious android
said it tasted good.

Haikus: Newport / Community

I may not get my feet wet.
Tax bills from sea level rise
could drown me.

The sea is coming in
Only the loving stewards remain
to build the wall

Weaving old with new
Next generation lives
And learns to create the future

Bustling Newport
Colliding ideas and minds
Inspiring beyond

Paradise flows through
rocks, moss, with fly catchers; though
the sea will bring gulls

Three towns then
have become one island
much better

Farmland trails stores gone
open spaces all life thrives
ocean clean trash gone

Hopefully no homeless people
begging on our street corners.

Five hundred square feet
living space. Water, water

Inspiration still here.
Possibilities exist
just around the edge. . .

The flowers are pretty
but there is
no electric for
traffic lights

Mud in the basement
I think I’ll plant some lettuce
expecting mushrooms

Gondolas at my door
Go to town go home
The best way home

Have-nots in house boats,
mansions reinhabited –
cheap waterfront views

Water has risen
Bravely we stay in love
Dear Bristol does survive

Prov beyond and broke
imposed simplification
not so bad really

Living on high land
Become a vegan to eat
Where are the mansions?

A culture of yes
community engagement
What Cheer, common weal!

400 plus and healthy
Community embraces change
Boats, bikes, food and water.

Seeking to affect
Water rising further
moving uphill

digital Newport
a mobile community
online connections

the ocean was still
blue, but it was much larger
we were much smaller

my children ride bikes
on the water, while I rest
on floating surfaces

Cove takes Marriott
back; NRF now restores
house boats on Bridge Street

Pawtucket play ball
There’s so much more than McCoy
Where’s your fun factory?

Light rail over the bridge
toes in the sand fruit compote
bike home with a sunburn

Bike paths everywhere,
Storms cut Jamestown into halves,
Still idealic place.

Bike paths everywhere,
New construction limited,
Restorations surge.

Arts will keep alive
our beloved West Side
All ages will thrive

Fun city U.S.A.
Peaceful island of Love & Joy
A well-oiled machine

My town has become
The Newly found Jerusalem
In Newport, RI

Emptiness is found around
the past is found in abundance
bikes and people replace the vehicles

Water high
more boats than houses to live in
why not think anew

Below the water
Hard to breathe or even see
It didn’t have to be

Newport By the Sea
Blue water ever present
sailing bright future.

Island smaller, tight
People crowded but unite
Safe port in future storm

Meat farm, meat farm, fry
meat farm, meat farm, time to cry
meat farm, meat farm, die.

Algael t-shirt shop
closes its doors and goes fishing
All the tourists left

Meteors crash down
The plug is pulled by default
I can hear the Earth

Despite the cash flow
Mother Nature will prevail
Taking back her own

little bits is enough:
homes, work, peas, art, milk, time, love –
we have it all.

The money dried up,
and the floods made us wetter.
Those who stayed are close.

Affluence still reigns
but there is no middle class.
Beaches for the few.

Tourists are the ones
making public policy –
we wash their dishes.

Old money is dead.
Their kids don’t want this small town.
Gilded arts centers.

Fish have right of way
at every intersection
all time low for bikes